Dream Destination

Dream Destination

Everyone has a dream destination. What is yours?

We all have one. That one travel destination that we believe is the most amazing, adventurous, romantic, fulfilling, pick your adjective here, trip. It’s the one trip that’s been twirling around our heads that either seems out of reach or be fulfilled only upon retirement.

I would love to hear what place you pick as your dream destination and why. Just post in the comments section below and continue the list. And if you fulfill that dream, then come back and let us know – but don’t forget to give us your next dream destination!

I’ll kickstart this with the first entry.

4 thoughts on “Dream Destination

  • My (current) dream destination is Norway.

    To narrow it down to one or two was not easy. But when push comes to shove, that’s my choice. Yes, it would be easy to book a cheap cruise there. That would accomplish going through the fjords and seeing them from below. But what I really want is to see the fjords from above, looking down into the deep valleys. That means lots of driving (that’s ok) and hiking I presume. And, my #1 item in Norway is Trolltunga which I read is a very long, strenuous hike up. There are actually several of these type of places in Norway. They feel so out of reach to me, but I want it, more and more…..so Norway has become my dream destination.

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