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I get asked frequently what resources I use for researching and planning my travels as well as during the trip. Obviously the internet has made all manner of resources available and this can be overwhelming. To help you narrow the list, these are some of my recommended resources and tools that I have used to plan, research and use for my trips. For your own upcoming trip, I’m sure you will find them useful as well!

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Rick Steves Guides

We all know Rick Steves right?  Well, if you’re visiting Europe and you needs some guidebooks, you should know him!  He’s the popular American author (and now also popular tv personality) whose guidebooks have shown Americans how to travel in Europe. His guidebooks encourage better planning and research to reduce travelling costs, to experience Europe like a local, and to still have an amazing experiencing. His guidebooks cover all the major details that you need, including Rick’s famous custom self-guided walking tours (with maps).  His guidebooks are candid and are an easy read making it a must for every European bound traveler.

Here is the link to Amazon’s Rick Steves Page. Here, you will find all of his paper products (guidebooks, maps, etc).

Here is the link to his video products on Amazon:  Rick Steves Blu-Ray and DVDs

The following are some of the books specifically related to some of the places I have been talking about in the blog and that I have also used.


Rick Steves Northern European Cruise Ports is the perfect guidebook for travelers cruising to Northern Europe.  Why? With so many port destinations you can feel overwhelmed in trying to prepare for the cruise. That’s where this book steps in. With specific information on how to get from each destination’s various port berths into town, detailed self guided walking tours, what to see and where to eat, it’s an invaluable and concise tool for anyone cruising to Northern Europe.

• Southampton and Dover (London)
• Le Havre (Paris and Normandy)
• Zeebrugge (Bruges and Brussels)
• Amsterdam, Warnemünde/Rostock (Berlin), Oslo
• Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, Oslo
• St. Petersburg, Tallinn

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Rick Steves Scandinavia comes in at over 800 pages so this tome of a guidebook is covering a lot. Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Estonia – they’re all covered in here. If you are hitting ALL these countries (or intend to), then this will be the one for you.

• Denmark (Copenhagen plus nearby sights)
• Norway (Oslo, Sognefjord, Lillehammer & Gudbrandsdal Valley, Jotunheimen Moutains, Bergen, Stavanger)
• Sweden (Stockholm, Stockholm Archipelago, Southeast Sweden)
• Finland (Helsinki)
• Estonia (Tallinn)



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Rick Steves’ Scandinavia DVD & Blu-Ray 2000–2014

Watch Rick Steves as he takes you on a visual tour of Scandanavia. This DVD and Blu-ray combo includes episodes taken from his tv show. Rick has you covered with the this disc’s episodes visiting:

• Copenhagen
• Denmark beyond Copenhagen
• Norway’s West: Fjords, Mountains, and Bergen
• Oslo
• Stockholm
• Helsinki and Tallinn: Baltic Sisters
• Bonus Extra—Rick Steves’ Europe: A Symphonic Journey

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