Stockholm Subway Photo Series

Welcome to my Stockholm Subway Photo Series. With over 90 of the stations having some form of art, it’s an abundance of riches for us travelers. In this photo series, we will have a look at some of these stations on the Blue line and the Red line. If you have not already done so, you should read my post detailing my 8 Practical Tips for Visiting Stockholm’s Subway Art.

Stockholm Subway Art - A Photo Series

Kungstradgarden Station

Kungstradgarden Station Escalator


Kungstradgarden Station Archaelogical Dig


Kungstradgarden Station


Kungstradgarden Station 2


Kungstradgarden Station Sculpture


Stadshagen Station

Stadshagen Station Hockey


Stadshagen Station Ski


Stadshagen Station Wall


Stadshagen Station Wall 2


Solna Centrum Station


Solna Centrum Station Angled


Solna Centrum Station Looking Towards Platform


Solna Centrum Station Truck


Solna Centrum Station Horse


Solna Centrum Station Further


Solna Centrum Station Deep in the Red


NackRosen Station

Nackrosen Station Platform


Nackrosen Station Leaves and Rocks


Nackrosen Station Cat


Nackrosen Station Arch


T-Centralen Station

T-Centralen Station


T-Centralen Station Escalators


T-Centralen Station 2


T-Centralen Station Archway


Stadion Station

Stadion Station - Elevators by M


Stadion Station - M is for Metro


Stadion Station - Elevators by S


Stadion Station - S is for Subway


Stadion Station - Underground Rainbow


Tekniska Högskolan Station

Tekniska Högskolan Station - The Big Apple in Stockholm subway


Tekniska Högskolan Station - The Big Apple Close-Up


Universitetet Station

Universitetet Station - One Pole


Universitetet Station - Platform


Universitetet Station - Running Man


Universitetet Station Platform Art 3


Universitetet Station Platform Art


Universitetet Station - Human Rights


Universitetet Station - UN Declaration of Human Rights


Universitetet Station - - UN Declaration of Human Rights Section 26


Universitetet Station - UN Declaration of Human Rights Section 17


Universitetet Station - Animals and the Earth


Universitetet Station


Universitetet Station - Three Tubes


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    • Thanks Jeannie! Hope you get a chance to check out Stockholm – lots of things to see and do.
      I wish I could have spent more time to visit more of their subway stations – there’s always a next time.

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